The critical management solution helping tennis facilities rebound

The Covid-19 pandemic has put the sports industry in a deep freeze, as matches, tournaments, and entire seasons have been cancelled to allow for social distancing. For tennis centers and sports clubs around the country, this has meant shutting down facilities and cancelling clinics during the last profitable stretch of the spring season.

Unlike the the All England Club, most tennis facilities do not have pandemic insurance and cannot immediately recoup their losses from cancelled training sessions, clinics, or tournaments. While the summer months are typically a quiet period for indoor tennis centers in the Northeast, the uncertain duration of the Covid-19 crisis means facility owners are already thinking about the fall season.

Preparing for a post-pandemic fall season

The tennis world is already looking towards the end of the year, with major tournaments such as the French Open and US open rescheduled for September. While the USTA has cancelled events through early May, it has only postponed tournaments scheduled for late May and June, and is looking to return players to the courts in the “shortest possible timeframe”.

For facility owners, this means preparing for a fall scramble. Once social distancing guidelines are relaxed, players – especially those training for competitions – are likely to come streaming back to the courts. After months without access to facilities, clinics and training sessions, and with a potentially short timeframe for training, the demand for courts may quickly surpass what facilities are equipped to handle.

How tennis facilities can equip themselves

The closure of tennis facilities offers a major advantage to owners: time to improve their booking and management systems. Over the next few months, owners will have time to replace in-person booking and older digital systems, train staff on user-friendly booking software and improve overall efficiency in time for the fall season.

AceSpace’s court reservation software allows facility owners to update and improve their booking systems. Our software is available for tennis centers of any size with in-person, partially digital, or completely digital booking management systems. Our development team can perform software integration remotely, setting up a fast, reliable booking system in less than a week.

AceSpace also offers short, easy-to-follow training videos designed to teach staff how to use the system. Our training covers making reservations, managing a booking calendar, integration of marketing materials and more. Tennis center staff can familiarize themselves with the AceSpace system remotely and get direct support from our team.

A better booking system at a lower price

Tennis facility owners need cost-efficient solutions to steer them through the coming months, when revenue will be limited. Unlike other court booking system providers, AceSpace does not charge on a per-court basis, or require additional setup or management fees. Beyond our essential court reservation software, owners can customize their management package, paying only for the features their facilities need.

AceSpace’s platform is further designed using the most up-to-date software and coding languages available. Where most court booking softwares rely on older technology that takes significant time, resources and training to integrate, AceSpace prioritizes efficiency and quality. Our development team can tailor management solutions to individual tennis centers, making quick adjustments that save users time and owners money.

The key to a strong September

Tennis center owners have the unique opportunity to strengthen their facilities and prepare for the particular challenges of the next tennis season. Online and remote booking capabilities can help tennis centers remain compliant with relaxed social distancing guidelines, and offer players a convenient way to plan their training sessions. For tennis centers looking to hit the ground running in September, having efficient, easy-to-use court booking software already installed could be the key to bringing players back.