About AceSpace

Our Mission

Our mission is to simplify court reservations and management for both tennis players and facilities. AceSpace is the solution, providing both sides with an easy-to-use system that takes care of all of the logistics for you.

Our Pitch

When Chris began traveling for junior tennis, he and his friends would run into the same problem in every city: they couldn’t find available tennis courts. Every time they competed out of state, they would spend hours looking for open, affordable training facilities. AceSpace is our solution: it is an online and mobile app designed to help tennis players locate available courts across the country. We fill unused courts by providing facilities with a management system designed for the the unique challenges tennis presents. Players see available courts and can book them through the app, saving time and easing the burden on facility staff.

Our Team

Chris Sabaitis has been playing tennis his entire life and competed on the varsity team at Columbia University. AceSpace is his vision for the tennis world, a platform that simplified the process for tennis players and freed them from the world of logistics. Although he still spends many hours on the court, he has many interests outside of the tennis world including economics and engineering.

Chris Sabaitis

Founder & CEO

Gilad Penn studied computer science at Columbia and has been in the tech industry for several years. During college he started Bauhaus Labs LLC, a prolific devshop which specializes in web app and mobile app development. After interning at tech startups such as Betterment and Heroku, he founded various companies. The most successful venture, Epigrammar, was featured on Techcrunch and was part of the Princeton Entrepreneurship Lab summer program (2017).

Gilad Penn

Lead Developer

Nina Francus is a writer by night, employed individual by day. She holds dual bachelors in English Literature and Creative Writing from Columbia University, and as part of the AceSpace marketing and development team, lends a critical and creative eye to everything the AceSapace team does. An apologetic francophile, Nina currently resides in Paris and subsists on a steady diet of political anxiety, literary ambition, and pain au chocolat.

Nina Francus

Communications Lead

Advisors and Partners

Pietro Cinquegrana is a Private Investment Professional with over 25 years of experience globally. A passionate tennis player, Pietro also competed in judo, volleyball, and soccer while in school.

Pietro Cinquegrana

Senior Advisor


Sandeep Vardhan
Manhattan, NY
Private Investor
New Jersey